If you are testing CrookCatcher, note that...

Android only detects a password or pattern as incorrect if it has at least 4 digits/characters or pattern dots.

How to uninstall CrookCatcher from your Android device?

When CrookCatcher is activated it is an administrator app. Administrator apps cannot be uninstalled. You must therefore first deactivate CrookCatcher to uninstall it. Note: You can uninstall CrookCatcher from the bottom of the settings menu.

Why does CrookCatcher need to be administrator?

CrookCatcher need administrator rights to look out for failed unlock attempts.

Will CrookCatcher erase all my phone or tablet's data if too many failed unlock attempts?

No. CrookCatcher will never erase your device's data, even though a warning appears when you activate CrookCatcher that says "... erase all the phone's data if too many incorrect passwords are typed". The warning you see is just a standard unchangeable message provided by the Android System.

Why does CrookCatcher need access to my Gmail account?

Not resembling other security applications, CrookCatcher is a standalone application. It does not send your pictures or locations to any third party server that would then forward this data to your email. Privacy is important, so CrookCatcher instead uses Google's authorization system OAuth2.0 to safely send emails directly from your device. This will not give CrookCatcher access to your email addresses or contacts. CrookCatcher will only use this permission to send security alert emails from your Gmail account to the email address defined by you from within the app.

I forgot my screen lock pin/pass/pattern?

The lockscreen, and the password that is associated with, is not a part of CrookCatcher. If you have forgotten your password, pin code or pattern refer to your device's user manual.

Location is missing

Mobile devices are not always able to perfectly determine its location. GPS does for example not function properly when indoor. Being out of reach of a network, can also have effect the location result you are getting. To get the best possible results make sure GPS is switched on in your device's system settings.

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