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Catch anyone snooping around your phone

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How it works


Someone takes your phone,
but doesn't know the password: CrookCatcher takes a selfie


Meanwhile, CrookCatcher finds your phone's GPS coordinates


And finally,
CrookCatcher sends
this to your email

CrookCatcher took the picture below

Image of crook
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Accuracy: 18.0 meters
Latitude: 64.174755
Longitude: -51.736889
Estimated address: Aqqusinersuaq 34, Nuuk 3900, Greenland


If your device is online, you can track its current location, lock or erase it using Google Device Manager

This email was sent by the CrookCatcher App for Android. You can turn off these emails inside the app.

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Premium features


More picture combinations

Take 2 pictures with front camera and 2 pictures with back camera.

Record sound clip

With sound recordings you can learn more about the surroundings and possibly identify voices.

Sound alarm

Play a custom alarm sound at full volume when the wrong password is put it.

Alert Message

Show a custom message on the lock screen, when a picture is taken. You could tell the crook to return your phone, or you'll show their picture to the police.

Detect break in

Take a picture and send alert email if the crook guesses the right password after having failed.

Retry email

If disconnected from the internet, postpone emails until back online.

Change email subject

Change email subject text, to avoid crooks seeing revealing notifications

App lock

Set a pattern lock to access CrookCatcher. Fingerprint can also be used.

Disguise app

Change app icon and label to look like a Files app, so intruders won't find out you have CrookCatcher installed.

Hide Notifications

Don't let the crook know that you got him on camera

No ads

Enjoy an ad-free app and support the development of CrookCatcher.

Unlock all premium features, remove ads (and support a hungry, hard working developer) through a one-time fee. Find the 'unlock' button inside the app.

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